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The arts belong to everyone.
A community rich with arts and culture attracts families, companies, and tourists – who in turn create more energy and financial support for schools and vital services. The arts need everyone's support to thrive. That’s where you come in.

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Join us at “State of the Arts” on April 23, 2014

Jeff Harvey made the case for arts in business
at last year’s State of the Arts.
Each year, the City of Portland invites the Regional Arts & Culture Council (our parent organization) to present a report to City Council.

So, on Wednesday, April 23rd at 2 pm, staff and supporters of Work for Art/RACC will gather at City Hall to cheer on the presentation, which highlights RACC’s community impact during 2013.

Cambia Health Solutions is one of Work for Art’s top 5 companies this year, and Angela Hult, Director of Community Investment, will speak about the connection between arts and health/wellness at this event.