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Small Town Hip-Hop at Blue Sky Gallery, through November
Small Town Hip Hop at BlueSky
Work for Art is a sponsor of Blue Sky Gallery's current exhibit Small Town Hip-Hop, by photographer Jared Soares.

Soares' exhibit provides a glimpse into a small community of hip-hop musicians in Roanoke, VA, documenting their long days and nights of writing, recording, and performing.

Soares says: “It is an American pursuit, told in tight focus – people who want to go from Here to There….The reality of Here is a grind—working a double shift and stretching to make ends meet. But the workaday life is a little more palatable when there are beats to be made and rhymes to be written. In front of the microphone, There seems within reach. Even if only for a song.”

Check out Small Town Hip-Hop through November 30 at Blue Sky Gallery, 122 NW 8th Avenue, Portland.

Photo credit: © Jared Soares